Lose Weight in the Fresh Air

When most people think of the process of losing weight, they conjure up an image of an unhappy overweight person sitting at the table staring at a plate of lettuce leaves, celery and carrot sticks. It's almost enough to stop them even wanting to try and lose weight.

But there are far more ways of accomplishing that goal and they don't all revolve around a starvation diet of rabbit food or pedalling way furiously on an exercise bike in the gym.

Get Outdoors!

In fact, there are some highly enjoyable and healthy ways of losing weight that involve getting outdoors into the fresh air. Sure, a healthy diet is important as a foundation to your weight loss goals, but when that is combined with some daily exercise that need only be moderate in nature, then you can really boost your chances of success.

One of the best tips in this respect is to spend a half hour or more going for a long, brisk walk in the fresh air. This is an excellent moderate exercise form and is surprisingly beneficial to complimenting a good diet that doesn't need to be so restrictive thanks to the fact that you are burning more calories by getting this exercise in every day.

If You Can't Run, Walk!

Walking is an enjoyable past time because it gets you out of the house and you get to see what's going on in your neighborhood and take in whatever sights you have local to your home. You can even meet up with friends to make it more social and you all benefit from walking to lose weight and improve your fitness levels.

If you are feeling more energetic, you could also go for a run outdoors and really get the full benefit of all that fresh air, natural daylight and the sense of openness and freedom. Running is one of ten best exercises you can do to help you burn fat and lose weight as long as you do it for more than 20 minutes or so. Most people who run at a moderate pace will keep going for longer than this so reaping the benefits of this great form of outdoor exercise.

Other Resources

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