Snack and Still Lose Weight

If you though that you had to place yourself on a strict, restrictive and tough diet in order to lose weight, think again! You can actually relax a little and eat healthy snacks to lose weight as well.

This is as long as you go about it sensibly and don't go reaching for the potato chips or pretzels. Instead it is way better to go for snacks that are low in calories and fats while being high in fiber, nutrients and goodness that will satisfy your craving for a nibble while not adding much to your daily calorie count.

Copy the Celebrity Diets

You can do what a lot of celebrities do when they are keeping a close watch on their diets but still feel the need to snack. The old favorites like carrot sticks and celery sticks are a great way to snack with almost zero extra calories, or you could opt for a small apple or a pear or even a peach or apricot.

Some fruits are absolutely okay for snacking on because they are relatively low in calories but more importantly are high in dietary fiber which is good for boosting your metabolism while keeping your colon healthy. Losing weight through your diet does not have to be all about calories, but also about the way in which your body works with the foods you give it.

When you work with a whole person dieting plan such as the Medifast Diet you'll see how important it is to have a good balance of healthy food and exercise in the daily mix.

Apples and Losing Weight

Most people love eating apples and when they always have one every day, sometimes two, they are setting themselves up for a healthy lifestyle. It is a well known fact that they make great snacks for eating between meals when you are feeling a little peckish and in need of a quick hit of sweetness combined with enough bulk to make you feel like you have eaten something substantial.

An apple a day and losing weight go together like a hand and glove for all the right reasons.

You can be sure that plenty of people who really want to lose weight tend to undermine their own progress by getting hungry in between their low calorie meals and reach for a pack of potato chips or some other really bad snack. But if they were to reach instead for a nice juicy apple, they would not be doing their diet any real harm.

A medium size apple is only around a hundred calories and it makes you feel full after eating it. It doesn't have any fat and has low GI carbs that release sugars into the blood stream slowly so they don't trigger the insulin response that a high GI carb snack would do and that would lead to more fat being stored.

It's a great way to fend off hunger between meals and make sure you are not loading upon empty calories. So all in all, that apple a day really does keep you slimmer and of course keeps the doctor away too!

What's Wrong with White Bread?

Far too many people eat a lot of white bread and never really think much about it until they reach a certain age and with it a midriff that starts slowly expanding. To counter it, they probably exercise more and keep their weight in check that way.

But they might or might not eventually learn about diet and nutrition and why that white bread can be a major cause of the increase in fat being stored in the body. It seems that many people who get overweight, do so because they have too much refined white flour products in their diet.

Of course the major one of these is the most popular white form of bread. It makes sense to learn to avoid white bread and switched to whole wheat as a healthier alternative. You'll notice a change not only in your weight and physical appearance, but also in the way you feel.

If you used to get really tired in the mid afternoons at work and it really was tough trying to keep focused and concentrate on your job, the culprit was probably starchy bread. It tends to be caused by the rapid drop in energy levels that followed the rapid rise caused by the several refined white flour products you probably had eaten at lunch time.

Maybe they used to include a while bread sandwich, or pasta, cup cakes made from refined white flour and a whole host of other things that I didn't even know were made of the stuff. Dropping them all from your diet means you will become more alert in the afternoons and have more energy at other times.

So it really is good to make that diet change.