Being Motivated to Lose Weight

A big part of losing weight is in being motivated to actually go ahead and do it. This is an aspect to the process that many dieters or exercisers seem to miss out on to some extent or even entirely.

However, it makes very good sense to be sure that you are fully motivated to lose the weight that you no longer want hanging around your waistline. And to do that, you are going to have to make sure that you are in the right state of mind.

So what is the right state of mind?

All in the Mind

Well, you need to be positive in your thinking, which means that you are going to have to crown out any negativity that is there with only positive things. This is a good way to get yourself feeling great and in a real positive atmosphere to get up and do the things you have set for yourself to do in order to lose the weight.

One great way of getting rid of negativity is to ditch the TV. Yes, I am serious!

Most of what you watch on TV is designed to be depressing, woeful, frustrating, angering, infuriating, or tearfully sad. Why is this? Because that's what the TV people believe attracts the biggest audiences. But you say, hey, I want to be entertained, so how is making me get angry or scared or sad entertainment?

Entertaining Negativity

Ever watched a really good horror movie and jumped out of your skin at least once during it? Or watched something like Shindler's List that made you really well up with anger at the frustration of the situation? Or watched a real tragedy movie that made you tearful?

Did they entertain you? Of course they did! The marque of a good movie is its ability to get you so wrapped up in it that you experience the emotions that the producer/director wanted you to experience and the actors made it happen.

Same goes on at a lesser level on TV. Except the emotions that most TV shows get you to experience are negative ones. Sure, there are some happy moments, but how many sad or angry moments did you have to sit through to get to the one happy one?

Well, if you ditch the TV set, you won't have to be dictated on what emotions you experience by some TV show producer, or worse, some ad company.

If you are really in need of the right kind of motivational tips for success, then make sure you control where your emotional experiences are coming from. That way you get more control over your life, your emotions, your frame of mind and your slimming success thanks to your own motivational choices.

Let's veer off at a slightly different tack and take a look at how the speed at which you lose the excess pounds can affect your success and how it can motivate or de-motivate you.

Should Weight Loss be Fast or Slow?

There is a lot of concern amongst would be slimmers about whether they should opt for a rapid program of weight reduction or not. The general feeling especially for those new to the idea is to try and lose it as fast as possible with no regard to the consequences. But this may not be the most expedient course of action.

The question that you have to ask is, "Should you lose weight fast, or take it at a more leisurely pace?" The sensible answer is that you really ought to be taking it at a sensible pace and mot trying to rush things. After all, you probably spent months or even years building up the layers of fat and all those excess pounds, so why should you expect to be able to lose it all so fast and not face problems in doing so, or consequences afterwards.

The problems you may face while trying to shed weight too fast can be malnutrition based if you go for a crash diet that is so restrictive of calories and nutrients that you can cause yourself some serious harm. Over exercising too much too soon can also bring with it some serious consequences such as torn ligaments and muscles, joint damage and if you are very unfit to begin with you could risk high blood pressure problems, stroke and even heart attack.

The after-shock of losing weight very fast is that as soon as you stop your diet or exercise program, it all comes back on really fast and often adds a pound of two to what you started out at for good measure. Is this really something you want to be risking? I doubt it!

The smart money is on positively losing that weight slowly, gradually and at a pace that is easy for you to maintain. This gives your body a chance to get used to its new diet and/or exercise regime and it means (especially of you started at a very overweight or obese figure) that your skin gets a chance to stretch back to fit the shrinking body beneath it!

So take it slow, steady and make it enjoyable. That way, you'll find the motivation you need through seeing real results as they happen without having unrealistically high expectations of what you should be achieving. You'll be doing yourself the most good for the long term!